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Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros 45% 0.7 l.

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For the Havana Club Selección de Maestros, the so-called Maestros Roneros, as the Cuban rum masters are called, use fine, well-ripened rum varieties from the Havana Club's cellar. Together, they subsequently select the rum specialties that are used for the final blend, which is only allowed to mature in specially selected white oak casks. At the end of this maturation process, the rum quality with an alcohol volume of 45 percent is bottled directly from the cask. This special refining process gives the premium rum its unique bouquet and special appearance. The rum variations for the compositions in the Havana Club Selección de Maestros have all gone through a natural maturation process in Cuba – the humid and tropical climate ensures an intensive interaction between the wooden cask and the exclusive contents.
Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros 45% 0.7 l.
  • 300,00 kr