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Absolut Vodka 40% 1 l.V

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Absolut Vodka is produced exclusively from natural ingredients. Unlike other types of vodka, it does not contain added sugar. Yes, vodka doesn't get any cleaner than ABSOLUT. But even this purity has a very specific taste: rich, full and complex but at the same time supple and velvety with a clear grain character, followed by a light note from dried fruits. The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water originates from a deep spring in the Swedish Åhus, where it is protected from pollution. Winter wheat differs from other cereals because it is sown in autumn and only harvested the following year. In the intervening time, it lies under the Swedish snow and develops its hard cores. It is also said that winter wheat needs less fertilizer.
Absolut Vodka 40% 1 l.V
  • 109,00 kr